The Empathy Stone

by Stanley Rumm

People ask me why this one is “by Stanley Rumm“. The best way to explain is to suggest they read the book. This is not a book written by a “Kevin”. My other books aren’t either, but this one definitely has no business being associated with a Kevin.

Professor Crastinator has already changed the world in many ways. Now, in his twilight years, he finds the ever-changing world is conspiring to change him in ways even he has never imagined.

Lucy Lucey wants to change the world – or at least have the world wake up to her way of seeing it. Having made an amazing discovery, she finds she has no option but to pull out all the stops in order to get what she wants.

Matthew Cratchett’s world keeps changing, but all he wants is for it to always stay the same.

What would you do if your dog was missing?

How far would you be willing to go to get him or her back?

Would you travel to the ends of a world you do not even understand?

Previously published as Ooyay. For reviews, see here:

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